Wild Spirit Festival

September 21 – 25, 2022 Wisteria Event Site in southeastern Ohio

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There’s a gateway from the mundane to the liminal.

On the other side is where we explore storytelling, ritual, art and movement as powerful tools of spiritual transformation.

As we return to nature and shrug off our conditioning, nature stirs the wild power within.

This wild power that connects us to the earth and to each other.

We gather as a community of children of the Great Mother and bask in the vibrant experience of the wild spirit released.

Will you cross the threshold with us?

Wild Spirit Festival

Wild Spirit Festival is a 5 day outdoor Pagan festival devoted to doing deep transformational work while out in nature and supported by community.

During this time, we’ll explore storytelling, ritual, art, and movement in the beautiful surroundings of southeastern Ohio.

Wild Spirit Festival offers a vegetarian or vegan meal plan and is an alcohol free festival.

Spend time chatting with a new friend over coffee at the site’s coffeehouse or shop from the array of vendors set up on vendor row.

And in the evening, tell stories, sing, chant, drum and dance around the fire circle.

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2022 Presenters

Spiral Rhythm

Spiral Rhythm

Laura Tempest Zakroff, professional artist, performer, author and Modern Traditional Witch

Laura Tempest Zakroff

Professional artist, performer, author, and Modern Traditional Witch

Roz Kindcaid, spiritual coach, intuitive healer & psychic medium

Roz Kincaid

Spiritual coach, intuitive healer & psychic medium

Rose Vanden Eynden, author, instructor, minister & medium

Rose Vanden Eynden

Author, instructor, minister, & medium

Sarah Monroe, drum witch, spoken word artist & priestess

Sarah Monroe

Drum witch, spoken word artist & priestess

Jordii Chevalier, Spiritual life coach & human design consultant

Jordii Chevalier

Spiritual life coach, human design consultant, & life transitions coach

Sam Spychalla, bhakti yogi & drum doula

Sam Spychalla

Bhakti yogi & drum doula

Julian Crosson-Hill, spiritual life coach, human design specialist & priest

Julian Crosson-Hill

Spiritual life coach, human design specialist & priest

Maria Leggett, medium & spiritual coach

Maria Leggett

Medium & spiritual coach

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